Camera Shots

Camera Shots used in Bahraini Psycho and why I used it.

Camera Shots:

  • Establishing Shot: Usually the first shot of an opening, designed to show the audience where the action is taking place. In this case, the action is taking place in a compound where the woman jogging.
  • Close Up Shot: They bring the camera in close to the subject as the camera focuses entirely on the subject of interest. In this case, the close up shots of the Bahraini Psycho is used to make the audience uncomfortable and to minimal emotion.
  • Over The Shoulder: This shot allows the audience an insight into the main character sees from her point of view. The woman running.
  • Point Of View: This shot portrays the view point of the main character and to have the audience adapt the view point of the main character. In this case, the audience adapts the viewpoint of the Bahraini Psycho when he pulls out the knife.





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